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Educational Credential Assessment​

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) uses Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) reports to:

  1. authenticate an applicant’s foreign credential and
  2. determine the equivalent completed Canadian credential.
  3. The purpose of the reports is to award immigration selection points or make program eligibility decisions.
  4. CIC has designated both multipurpose assessment organizations and professional bodies to assess foreign credentials. Multipurpose assessment organizations authenticate and assess foreign educational credentials across a wide range of regulated and non-regulated occupations

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To immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, you will need an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for education received outside of Canada.

Mark Sheet Transcripts

A Mark Sheet is a crucial educational document that requires attestation. The verification of the Mark Sheet is mandatory in proving your and your document's...

Duplicate Marks Sheet & Degree Certificate

(Duplicate Marks Cards/Degree Certificates,Correction of Marks ... removal, Consolidated Marks Card, Genuineness Certificate, Other Certificates, Download Applications...

Medium of Instruction

A Medium of Instruction letter is a document that confirms the language of instruction used throughout your degree programme. It should be issued by a central administration unit / the registry at your university rather than a lecturer who may have taught you. Apply Now..


Document attestation services are the services that be of assistance to the public being accessible to the government authorities to get the legalization.. Contact us..

HRD Attestation / Apostille

Government of India documents Attestation Apostille, Genuine MEA Attestation, Document Attestation, Certificate Attestation UAE, MOFA Attestation, MEA

ECA(Educational Credential Assessment) - WES / IQAS /ICAS / ICES / CES

For immigration purposes also or for education evaluation, you can send your transcript directly to WES Canada or U.S. embassy or any other country.

Educational Credential Assessment Service Providers

Professional bodies authenticate and assess foreign educational credentials to determine how they compare to a Canadian credential needed to practice in their respective regulated occupations. They are also recognized as a step in the licensing process. The designated professional bodies are:

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